Jurisdiction Onboarding

Jurisdiction Onboarding is the process of bringing a juridiction's statutory or regulatory citation's into CHT. Following this process is one of the key components to creating PORTABLE SOPs that can be moved easily between jurisdictions. It all starts out by defining Regulations. You may or may not see Regulations already populated for your Jurisdiction, if not, click the "+" button:

When you initially create a Regulation, there is some fake data already populated. Click the "edit" icon in order to place the correct information in the Regulation's fields:

As can be seen here, the N.J.A.C. 17:30 ruleset has been added to New Jersey. Make sure to add a link URL to the contents of the law for easy reference later.

Now navigate over to the "Citations" tab. In order to reduce the amount of content on the screen, filter it down to only the regulation your are currently working on (in our case, NJAC 17:30):

With other regulations out of our visual space, you can now create a new Citation by clicking the "+" icon:

This results in a Citation Creation Popup. Fill out all the relevant information for your Citation. Make sure you set the proper Regulation, Verticals and Categories to easier data management down the road.

When you close the Popup, you will see youre new Citation populated. Add as many Citations to your Regulation as needed. Carefully select Verticals and Categories strategically.

Now, you are ready to associate those citations with a Policy. Click on the "Policies" tab on the left panel of the Admin page. Filter down the Policies to only those you are currently working on:

Once you find the policy you would like to update, click the "edit" icon in order to open up the Policy Editor:

Scroll to the lower section of the Policy Editor:

Once you have scrolled down to the Citation Search tool for your policy, you can search by Jurisdiction, Regulation, Vertical and Category in order to associate your Citations. Clicking on the checkmark will perform the association, and the checkmark will change color indicating that it has been associated with this Policy.

You can confirm the association at the bottom of the Policy Editor by noting the addition of your selected Citations:

Now that your Policy contains Citation associations, you can see how those associations affect your Plans and Procedures. Click on the "Plans" tab on the left navigation panel of the Admin dashboard. Filter the view down to the category you are working on:

Click on the "edit" icon to open the Plan Editor:

Scroll down to the bottom of the Plan Editor:

Select the chosen policy (using the Vertical and Category filters where helpful) you wish to add to the current Plan:

You will see the Policy populate in the Plan's Policy list:

Click the "Generate Plan" button. Notice that the Policies and Citations are automatically included in the Generated Plan now!