Our people

Walter Moore

Engineering and Technology

Walter is an accomplished software architect, financial engineer, and entrepreneur residing in the south suburbs of Illinois. He specializes in architecting elegant, compliant, and scalable solutions to complex regulatory environments in the AdTech, FinTech, Digital Assets, and Cannabis industries. He has a Masters of Science in Financial Engineering and undergraduate degrees in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics. He works on the cutting edge of performance, data privacy, and scaling solutions which focus on handling big data. Walter started Cognitive Harmony Technologies along with its managing partners and in order to support social equity teams and bring CHANGE to an industry which has historically whitewashed the past injustices served in its former prohibition, something which he has experienced first hand in prior decades.

Sebastian Nassau

Operations and Business Development

With executive experience in the cannabis industry dating back to the onset of adult-use cannabis legalization in Colorado, Sebastian has to date worked with over 120 cannabis companies and organizations in a business development capacity. His previous clients include some of the most successful cannabis companies both nationally and internationally. Sebastian has worked extensively with dispensaries, infused product companies, processors, cultivators, and service-based/value-adding companies. Additionally, he has managed dozens of licensing applications including those in some of the most competitive states. 

Josh Alper

Strategic Planning and Business Development

Josh has 30 years of experience in science, technology, branding, including sales and marketing of consumer and industrial products with emphasis on emerging technologies, technical sales and product development. Over the past seven years, he has leveraged this to assist cannabis industry clients conceptualize, launch, and expand their companies through his project management capabilities. Josh’s expertise in cannabis science, security, energy, construction, product development, strategic planning, and quality assurance and control has proven itself vital in the development of cannabis license applications.

David Serrano

Operations and Business Development

David Serrano is a decorated U.S. Navy veteran with a decade of cannabis industry experience, and a dedicated advocate for social justice. He has spearheaded significant efforts to ensure social equity in the cannabis industry providing actionable advice to state and local officials on how to help communities that have been impacted by cannabis prohibition. David first came to the cannabis industry as a patient, himself, and a caregiver for his mother who was seriously ill. He quickly became an advocate finding purpose and meaning in serving patients, helping communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs, and shaping cannabis policy. He leverages skills developed from his prior military career to manage complexity and organize powerful efforts to win valuable cannabis licenses for clients in an exceptionally competitive industry.  David has demonstrated his capabilities in supporting cannabis companies drive their community engagement, public relations, governmental affairs, environmental impact, public relations, and operational planning for a wide range of cannabis companies.

Todd Scattini

Strategic Planning and Communications

As the Global CEO of Harvest 360, Todd brings strong leadership, global vision, and strategic direction to multi-disciplined teams of business experts and cannabis professionals. His energy is drawn from his passion for the plant and a deep-seeded desire to unpack all its possibilities to heal patients and our planet, legitimately contribute to a global economy, and empower social justice for those most affected by the prohibition of cannabis. He is committed to helping develop effective and responsible legal cannabis markets on a global scale while enabling those seeking to establish their cannabis businesses. Todd is a West Point graduate and brings with him vast experience gained during a distinguished military career serving in a broad range of leadership positions in complex domestic and international settings, including five years of diplomatic service. He has vast experience providing consultative assistance to senior leaders; developing and managing relationships with key decision makers; managing multiple complex projects simultaneously and communicating organizational goals and objectives. Todd puts this skillset to use when managing cannabis applications, particularly through his abilities to assist clients in the development of execution of strategies focused on community engagement, public relations, governmental affairs, social responsibility, research, and workforce development.

Content Managers and Advisers

Jennifer Germano

Compliance Specialist

Jennifer Germanobegan working in the Colorado Marijuana Industry in 2009, working from theground floor through every employee and management position in medicaldispensaries to the level of director of operations of a multi-million dollarrecreational dispensary and cultivation operation in 2014.Jennifer is along-time industry vet, witnessing the industry in Colorado going from anunregulated to strictly regulated market. This experience has taught her theimportance of implementing, understanding regulation and protocol.In 2015 Jenniferfounded ICS Consulting Service and transitioned from being an employee in theregulated Cannabis Industry to Chief Executive Officer of a compliance focusedconsulting business. ICS specializes in Compliance based services, such asThird-Party State Regulatory Audits, State and Local License ApplicationSupport, Cannabis Technical and Specification Writing, Standard OperatingProcedures Development, Compliance Operations Training, Employee RetentionSolutions, Employee Onboarding, Manufacturer Food and Product SafetyCertifications/ServSafe® Instructor, OSHA certified, Licensed FacilityBuild-out Support, HR Compliance and Operational Compliance Readiness Support.Jenny is currentlyinvolved in Marijuana Policy in the State of Colorado. She has participated inthe Government Marijuana Rulemaking process for 3 years in the State. InJanuary 2020 Jennifer joined the Science and Policy Workgroup and was nominatedas Co-Chair of the Sampling Subcommittee in October of 2020. Jenny draftedMarijuana Regulations for 2021 rule implementation, developing an employeetraining program for Manufacturers and Cultivation licensed operators inpreparing and collecting Test Batch Samples prior to testing at a Laboratory.Jenny continues her passion for improving and drafting Marijuana Regulations inthe State of Colorado in 2021.

Aida Colon-Sanchez

Security Specialist

Business owners whoare seeking safety and security technical writing, security technologyinstallation, or post-license security compliance audits, look no further, AidaColon-Sanchez of EOC Technology Innovations can assist.  Aida is of Puerto Rican descent and is theformer Deputy Coordinator for the City of Jersey City Office of EmergencyManagement/Homeland Security {the first Latina to hold that role for over adecade}. Her business is a minority woman-owned technology consulting companythat focuses on public safety tech that includes surveillance cameras, 911communications technology,  and accesscontrol.

Eli Scheiman

Legal andRegulatory Advisor

Eli  is a Principal of Porzio, Bromberg &Newman, P.C., with offices in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Delaware andPuerto Rico.  He provides counseling tocannabis and hemp/CBD companies and start-ups, and assists cannabis and hempclients with licensing and compliance and emerging issues associated withstate-legalization of cannabis.  Eli alsoconcentrates on business litigation, insurance coverage, insurance regulationsand compliance, management-side employment counseling and litigation defense, appellatework and defense of private and public entities in tort actions.  Eli chairs Porzio,Bromberg & Newman P.C.’s cannabis law practice, and is a member of PorzioCompliance Services, which leverages complementary resources from the law firmand its other subsidiaries, Porzio Governmental Affairs and Porzio LifeSciences, to provide regulatory, legal and business services to cannabisclients.  He is a member of theInternational National Cannabis Bar Association, where he chairs theLegislative Advisement Committee, Vice-Chair of the ABA TIPS Cannabis Law andPolicy General Committee, and a member of the NYC Cannabis Industry AssociationRegulatory Committee.  He can be reachedat

Clement Hayes

Legal Advisor

Clement is aFounding Partner of Block45 Legal and has extensive experience supportingcannabis companies with business formation, licensing, intellectual property,regulatory guidance, and innovative yet realistic solutions to any legalchallenge they may face. He and his team have been instrumental in thedevelopment and review of cannabis license applications and patents. Mr. Hayeshas experience working with foreign markets including China and the EUregularly advising clients on these markets. Clement holds aDegree from University of Colorado-Boulder in Evolutionary Biology andgraduated Cum Laude from St. Mary’s University School of Law.  He served as the Editor in Chief of the St.Mary’s Law Journal on Legal Malpractice and Ethics and was a Judicial Intern tothe Honorable Edward C. Prado of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Strategic Partners


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