Cognitive Harmony Technologies (CHT) has launched an accelerator program in New Jersey to assist groups competing for adult-use licenses with the application process. The application process is very complex and meticulous. It requires a level of expertise, time commitment, detail, and sophistication that creates innate barriers of entry for the majority of groups competing that do not have high levels of experience or financial resources to retain consultants and service providers capable of meeting the demands of a competitive application.

This accelerator looks to level the playing field and allow more groups to overcome these barriers. The application accelerator provides materials, intellectual resources, and guidance through every part of the process to allow more groups to compete effectively and affordably.

We provide courses, learning materials, tutorials, presentations, and study guides for every facet of application and operations, as well as, automated templates that generate fully developed application sections that are customized to your business while meeting the requirements of the application. Think of how TurboTax works, but instead it’s for a cannabis application. There will also be analysis reports that will show you any deficiencies that may need to be corrected in real time along with a scoring assessment on how you may be scored by the state for each section.

The platform also features live support from qualified professionals in real time that you can check in with. You’ll have access to live webinars and Q&A’s with subject matter experts, 1-on-1 coaching calls with our consultants, and messaging and email responses to address any issues.

The accelerator is accessible to both English and Spanish speakers. For those that aren’t interested in the full accelerator program, other tiers are available for a lower price as well as individual offerings.


  • Retail: for annual, conditional, and microbusiness
  • Manufacturing: for annual, conditional, and microbusiness
  • Cultivation: for annual, conditional, and microbusiness


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