Q: “In what markets does CHT offer its solutions?”

A: "Currently, the CHT offerings are being launched in New Jersey for the upcoming adult-use cannabis round of licensing applications. However, our services will be available soon for the adult-use applications in New York and Illinois as well. Other markets will follow thereafter."

New Jersey

Q: “When will CHT’s New Jersey Application Accelerator be accessible?”

A: "Currently, the launch date is late June of 2021 for when people can access this platform!”

Q: “When will adult-use applications come out?”

A: “The Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) will make cannabis licenses available for cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, testing labs and microbusinesses. As set forth in the Section 6(d) of CREAMMA, by Aug. 22, 2021, (180 days from the effective date of CREAMMA) the CRC must create the initial rules and regulations to govern the recreational cannabis licensing process. CREAMMA also calls for the CRC to begin accepting and processing license applications for recreational cannabis businesses within 30 days after the Rules Adoption Date. Therefore, the latest date that New Jersey can expect to see a request for applications from the CRC is expected on or about Aug. 22, 2021, with the expectation that the CRC will start accepting and processing license applications within the following 30-day period.”

Q: “How many licenses will be available?”

A: “Presently, adult-use cultivation licenses will be limited to 37 during the first two years of legal sales. However, this does not apply to microbusiness licenses. The CRC has yet to determine the maximum number of licenses for other license types.”

Q: “How many many microbusiness licenses will be available?”

A: ““Microbusinesses” must also receive no less than 10% of licenses issued per class, and no less than 25% of all issued licenses. A business must meet specific criteria regarding number of employees, size of operation, and ownership to qualify as a “microbusiness.””

Q: “How do I know if my municipality will permit adult-use licenses to operate?”

A: “The CRC cannot regulate whether a municipality will permit adult-use cannabis licensees to operate within its community. The law allows a town to pass an ordinance by Aug. 21, 2021 (within 180 days of enactment), prohibiting the operation of one or more classes of licenses within its borders. If a town fails to act within this timeframe, the community is prohibited from enacting such an ordinance for five years. Even if a town does permit the operation of any license class, it may still place restrictions on the number of facilities as well as the location, time, and manner of operations. The CRC will also confirm with the municipality that the licensee’s proposal comports with any applicable local ordinances.”

Q: “Where can I find out more information from the state?”

A: “The New Jersey Division of Medical Marijuana is currently the reliable source of information relating to cannabis licensing.”